TEAM Mentoring Program

In order to provide “a caring adult in the building” for each student, MECHS created the TEAM Program, which ensures that a Mentor is assigned to each and every student. At each site, a TEAM Program Coordinator manages the program. Each Mentor has a caseload of 8 to 10 students with whom they communicate weekly. The Mentor tracks their attendance, course completions, testing needs, etc. using the student information system MECSIS. This information aids Mentors in assessing the progress of each mentee. Every month Mentors facilitate the completion of a Monthly Plan with students to plan career activities (such as college field trips, college night, etc.) and testing, as well as set goals for improved attendance and course completions. Also, Mentors contact parents once a month to share information about the student’s progress and discuss any concerns. All these interactions are documented on the student’s LAP (Life Action Plan) in MECSIS.