Life Action Plan (LAP)

The purpose and vision of the Life Action Plan (LAP) is to facilitate the structuring of an individualized, organized plan of action for each MECHS student as he/she progresses towards graduation. Every student has a Life Action Plan. It is a fluid system of documenting in our student information system where the student is and where they need to go in order to graduate from high school and have a viable plan after graduation. Students benefit from the LAP in that it helps them set goals, make plans, and track their progress academically, as well as maintaining focus on their postsecondary goals.

The LAP is located on MECHS's student information system, MECSIS, and it is utilized daily by Counselors, Mentors, Teachers, Registrars, and Administrators. This system greatly helps all staff know what is going on with a student on any given day. It provides consistency for every student and helps guide our work with each student.